A Lasting Impact

A half century ago, the University of South Alabama opened its doors, enrolling 276 students in the first year. The impact the University has had on our region in the fifty years since is immeasurable. Thousands of men and women have been educated in the years since. Physicians, teachers, nurses, scientists, engineers, accountants, computer science professionals, pharmacists—all these and many more have benefitted from the quality education USA offers. 
Over the years, USA has grown due to the generosity of alumni and friends who helped build and shape the University into the institution it is today. Giving to the University can take many forms. The following pages outline some creative ways to make an impact on the University, both now and in the future.
Through these types of gifts you may enjoy increased income, tax savings and other benefits. You can make your gifts today, or through arrangements that first provide for your continued financial security and that of your loved ones. 
We hope the information presented here will help you maximize your giving potential, make the most of your charitable dollars and ensure the future of the University of South Alabama.